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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trip to Utah

Bethanie and I got to go with my family to Utah April 22-25 to go to my sister Mandy's graduation. We traveled all day that Thursday and Bethanie did a great job! She's a wonderful traveler. :) She slept a lot and when she was awake she was so good...she sat in the back seat in between her Aunt Sheree and Uncle Corey. They had tons of fun. Friday was Mandy's graduation from BYU and once again Bethanie did GREAT! The other babies around us were fussy but Bethanie was perfect. :) I'm so blessed so have such a great baby. After the graduation we went to the Women's Expo and walked around. I bought Bethanie a Giraffe that goes from a stuffed animal to a pillow and even folds out into a blanket. So cool and adorable :) I even got a free 5 minute massage there.
We went to Wingers for dinner before the Expo and Bethanie enjoyed munching on some french fries...hehe. She's so funny. When we got back to the hotel we went swimming. Bethanie LOVED it.
Saturday we went to Hogle Zoo in Salt was a lot of fun. Nice exercise going up and down all of the hills there. :) Our favorite animal at the zoo was the baby elephant. He was SO cute! The trainers would spray him with the hose and he'd run the other direction and then come back at them and then turn around and run away again once they would spray him. He ran fast too. SO CUTE!
After the Zoo we went back to the hotel and just relaxed and played with Bethanie. Just can't get enough of that little one. :) Sunday we were back to traveling...we stopped in St George to visit my was their first time to meet Bethanie and it was a good visit. :)
We got back late Sunday night and were so glad to see Bryan. We missed him a lot!
It was a fun trip and luckily my mom LOVES taking pictures so here are the pics from the trip. Enjoy!

Just being silly for the those beautiful eyes

So silly!

Attacking Grandma's camera

Bethanie with her Great Grandpa Barton...she loved his arm hairs. :)

Meeting her Great Grandma Barton for the first time

Chillin with the giraffe I got her at the Expo

Being admired by Corey and Sheree

Dog pile...everyone wanted a piece of my beautiful angel :)

Just chillaxin...

Giraffe up close and personal

So cute...loved that little guy

Hanging out with Grandpa

Just posing with my baby

Batmobile or something

More Batmobile

Smokin Hot Momma with hungry baby :)

Corey, Sheree and Alexis (Mandy mentored her for one of her classes)

Playing with Grandpa's gray hair

Silly Corey

Takes some work to be beautiful ;)

Sheree is a baby hog ;)

Sportin' her swim suit cover and hat that is way too big

Swim suit cover that Grandma got her

Dancin' in her new swimsuit that Grandma got her

Bethanie thinks the diploma should be hers...hand it over Mandy ;)

Waiting for Mandy's graduation to start

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