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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

18 Months

It's been a while since I've blogged, so I figured I better post about Bethanie at 18 months! I cannot believe she's already 18 months. Bryan has been telling people for months that Bethanie is a year and a half and I would correct him with the number of months...but now it's TRUE! She's getting so big and SO smart! She's such a joy to have around...maybe not so much in the middle of the night because she still doesn't sleep through the night...but the days are great with her :)

18 Month Stats:
Weight: 28.8 pounds ~
greater than 91%
Height: 33.75 inches ~
greater than 95%
Head Circ: 49 cm. ~
greater than 95%

Bethanie is using more and more words everyday. I will try to list them all:
Banana ~ Nana
Hot Dog ~ Dot Dog
Hot ~ She will touch the oven door and pull her hands away and say "Dot"
Bottle ~ Bah Bah
Donald Duck ~ Dah Duck
Tweet Tweet ~ teet teet
Eyes ~ says eyes when she sees eyes OR when she sees sunglasses
Nose ~ No
Hat ~ Tat

I think that's most of them...I'm sure I'm missing some, but that's a pretty good list. :)

She is so smart when it comes to Animals...she knows what a lot of animals say. If you ask her what a certain animal is, instead of saying the name of the animal she will tell you what that animal says:
Monkey ~ Eee Eee
Elephant ~ Buzzes her lips
Duck ~ duck duck (that's how she says quack quack)
Frog ~ Ribbit
Tiger ~ Rawr
Bear ~ Brrr
Lizard ~ Sticks tongue out
Bethanie ~ Baby ;)
Kitty Cat ~ Mow
Birdie ~ Teet Teet
Santa ~ Ho Ho Ho
Fishy ~ puts out her kissy lips

Another fun thing that we do is name and point to body parts. She knows where her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, head, shoulders, feet, toes, fingers, hands, belly button, "boobies", and her TUSH are. I tried asking her where her butt was one day but she got that confused with belly button, so I taught her tush instead. Hehe. :) When you ask where her fingers are she will wiggle her fingers...and when you ask about her hands she will hold up her fists. SO SMART!

Bethanie's favorite show to watch is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's a cute show and she gets so into it. Her favorite part is singing to and dancing to the "Hot Dog" dance at the end of the show. "Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog." She jams out to it and will sing "Dot Dog"...sometimes I even hear her throw in "Diggity." So fun to watch her dance :)

Here are a few pictures of her with her big girl pig tails in and watching her Mickey Mouse show :) Enjoy!! Also, at the end I have a couple videos of her new skills :)