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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Girl + Presents :)

Happy Birthday Bethanie!! These pictures are from her actual birthday in another new outfit. This Royal Princess outfit is from Uncle Zach and Aunt Angelee. Isn't she beautiful?! Enjoy the pictures of her on her birthday and opening her presents. :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day after party...

Bethanie got some beautiful clothes for her birthday...this is one outfit she received and her playing with some of her fun new toys. I will post more pictures later of her actual birthday which is today and some more of her new outfits. :)

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?!

Bethanie's 1st Birthday party

Well, we had Bethanie's 1st birthday party on Saturday, November 6th. The theme was "A Train Ride Through the Jungle." Bethanie's Grandpa Glen has been working on his train track in their backyard for over 20 years and finished it just in time for Bethanie's party. The train goes all the way around the backyard and is just amazing. We put animals by the track so that it was like a train ride through the jungle.
The party turned out was a nice party with family. Bethanie decided to wake up nice and early that morning so she was exhausted but still did really well through the party. We had burgers and hot dogs cooked by the grill master, Bryan. :) Bethanie got lots of nice presents and enjoyed opening them (or playing with the wrapping paper). MaKenna (my cousin Chelsey's 2 year old daughter) helped open some of the gifts and also got to enjoy the train ride with her Daddy.
We had a monkey pinata that seemed to be indestructible...a bunch of strong men hit it HARD and it refused to break. When it finally broke, only a hold was made and all of the candy inside was melted. Haha. It was a good time.
Happy Birthday little 1 year old!!