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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zoo - 3-27-2010

On Saturday Bryan and I got to go to the Wildlife World Zoo. My parents paid for us to go as a present for Bryan's birthday which was on the 24th. We had a lot of fun and Bethanie got to stay with my parents. After the zoo we had burgers and cheesecake with my family. It was a fun day. Enjoy our pictures :)

Me and my beautiful Bethanie

Bryan admiring his tired baby girl

Bryan loved the huge tortoises...this one was just staring at us. They are HUGE!

There were 4 baby cute...but the bigger of the 4 was a BULLY! He pushed this little guy all the way up against the wall. It was so sad.

This jaguar or whatever it is was sleeping right above our was crazy! Bryan wanted to poke it with a stick to make it move but I wouldn't let him. Bryan moved the lower fence and the animal moved and scared the heck out of me.

This baby monkey was swinging all over the place...he even used his tail to swing. It was crazy. I want a pet monkey ;)

Pretty white tiger enjoying a drink

Bryan's favorite was the Rhino...he's HUGE!

Scary Ostriches

My favorite...had to get a picture with my giraffes

Beautiful animals :)

Why don't they have trees for the giraffes to eat from? This guy got hungry so he laid down to eat the how will he get back up? ;)

Baby monkey cuddling with his mommy...the little baby monkey was born on Feb 18th 2010...the day before my birthday. AW! So cute!



I touched the starfish...did NOT touch the stingrays though.

Penguins...not nearly as cool as the ones at Sea World

"Check out my cute flip flops! I'm going to be a foot model"

"Like my new dress? I do!"

So cute! She loves having her little legs crossed :)

Flying with Uncle Corey...she loves him.

Worn out...sleeping with Grandma

Bethanie having fun pulling Uncle Corey's hair...Grandpa looks very guilty ;)

She loves to walk...sometimes we can't even get her to sit down. Does this mean she'll be an early walker? We will see

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ear Infection

Well, Bethanie was just diagnosed with her first ear infection...UGH! She's been super cranky lately and everyone said, "Oh she must be teething" Well, today I figured it was an ear infection. I was trying to breastfeed Bethanie on one side and she would not eat, she just screamed and I sat her up and she was ok...tried the other side and she was fine. I thought maybe it was just at her next feeding I tried that side again and the same thing happened, so I called the doctor right away (the just opened a pediatrician office in Maricopa...finally!) and made an appointment...we went in and sure enough she's got an ear infection. :( Makes me sad...I hate not being able to do anything for her. At least we know what it is now. :(

Monday, March 8, 2010

4 Months!

Bethanie is 4 months today...she's growing so fast. We have so much fun with her. :) Enjoy our photo shoot.