Eternal Marriage


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Better late than never ;)

You will never guess what I did on Tuesday! I got my driver's license!!!!! It has been a huge fear of mine to drive forever, but I just refused to let it control me any I did it. I got my license. I even have a story to go with it. It was not as easy as walking into the DMV and taking the's the story:

Tuesday, December 15th, Mom and Dad came down so that Mom could watch Bethanie while Dad took me driving. We left the house and drove to Casa Grande (I drove)'s about 35 miles or something. Well, we get to the DMV and because my permit was expired the lady said that I would need my birth certificate! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! So, we had to drive all the way back to Maricopa to get my birth certificate...I thought I'd cover all the bases and grabbed my passport too. We had lunch and then headed back to Casa Grande. We got back to the DMV and waited for about an know how it is waiting at the DMV. Anyway...they finally call my number and I gave my paperwork to the lady...BUT she didn't even ask me for my birth certificate! So, I asked her if she needed it and she said no...but then I told her that I just went all the way back home to get it so she better check. So she checked and come to find out she was doing it wrong and she really did need it. She looks at my birth certificate and says, "Uh oh, this has a different name on it (my maiden name)"...good thing I had my passport with me because it has Rector on it instead of Barton...thank goodness!!
So, I finally get to take the written test and I pass...yippee!! Then they tell me to take my car around back of the building so that I can take the driving test. The driving instructor lady had me park and she had to check to make sure all of my lights and blinkers worked...well guess what?!?! The left brake light was she told me I'd have to come back another time to take the test because she could not take me on the road with a brake light out. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!
So, I ask Dad if there is a way that we could just replace the light in Casa Grande instead of going all the way back home. We went to Auto Zone and replaced the light...and headed back to the DMV.
All the lights work now, so the test could begin. Here comes the next challenge...That morning I had called the DMV to find out if they did parallel parking or three point turns in their test and they told me it would be parallel parking, so before we left that morning I practiced parallel parking. WELL, THEY LIED!!! The first part of the test was a three point turn within a bunch of cones...I had 3 chances to pass that portion and I finally got it right on my 3rd try. IF they would not have lied to me I would have practiced that.
ANYWAY...the rest of the test was easy and then we get back to the DMV and the lady says, "It's illegal to drive barefoot, but I won't fail you for that." (I had taken my flip flop off because I did not want it to get stuck on the pedals or something...thought it was safer that way).

So, after all of those challenges...I GOT MY LICENSE!!! YIPPEE!!!!!! :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Fun

So, Bryan was off painting a house and I got I decided to play around with the camera, Bethanie and Trooper. It was fun. Hehe.