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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heber, AZ 4th of July Festivities

On July 7th, we drove into Heber to participate in the fun 4th of July festivities that they had to offer. We had a blast! First we went out to lunch and stuffed ourselves full of some great food at the Red Onion and then we headed over to the Tall Timbers Park. Bethanie LOVED everything that this place had to offer. She got to ride ponies, bounce in bounce houses, slide down bouncy slides, ride a train AND ride the ponies again. She had a blast. She also got to play some carnival type games...she won herself a lizard. She was given 4 ping pong balls to try and throw and get into one of the small fish bowls. She has an amazing underhand throw and made her 2nd ball in perfectly and won herself a pink lizard. She was so proud and so excited to have a toy. :) She was a champ on the slides, we wondered if she would know how to climb the ladders to the top, but of course she did that perfectly too. She had such a great time that she still talks about the park and slides and horsey rides today. :) We had such a great week camping and this was a great end to the week. It is always great fun getting to see our daughter so happy and enjoying her life.

Just waiting for our food at the Red Onion

Horsey Ride...she's loving it


And more :)

She had so much fun



Saying Thank You to Trigger for the ride

Pretty sure she wanted to take this horse home ;)

Train ride!

So excited!

When is this train going to start?

Having so much fun

Jumping real high in the bounce house

Hilarious facial expressions...she looked terrified

Scared, but could not wait to go again.

The TALL slide...she kept getting turned around and would kind of come down backwards

Bethanie and her lizard that she won so amazingly.

Daddy taking Bethanie on her 2nd pony ride

She took her hat off and said, "YEE HAW!"


So much fun!

Camping & Shooting July 2012

This year we wanted to do something fun and different for the 4th of July, so we rented an RV and went up to the Mogollon Rim from July 3rd-8th. The past few times we've gone camping we have left Bethanie with my parents because our first few times camping with her were not pleasant...but now she's all grown up at 2 1/2 and LOVED it! She did amazing! She loved playing in the dirt and playing games and searching for squirrels. She also had fun collecting pine cones...which she called porcupines ;)  We had a great time. There were no fires allowed because it's too dry up there this time of year so that was different, but it was ok. We had fun riding around in the Jeep and playing games and just relaxing. One afternoon we took a ride as a family in the Jeep and spotted a ton of deer which Bethanie LOVED! A week of camping was tiring, but so much fun and totally worth the trip. It is fun camping in an RV because we can have meals like lasagna and cobbler that can be cooked in an oven. :) So much fun. Those who couldn't come definitely missed out. Can't wait to go camping again.

While camping we like to go shooting and this time Bethanie and her cousins were able to try it out too. Bethanie was a natural. She loved it. After shooting she then wanted her own guns so we went to the camp store and got her some pretend cowboy guns. Guess she takes after her Daddy in some hobbies. :) Love that girl!!

Next post will have more pictures of our adventures in Heber on July 7th :) Enjoy these pictures
After 5 minutes of being out of the RV and she's filthy

Still adorable even with dirt all over her face :)

Playing with her Camping Toys

Dirty Zombie

Look at those beautiful blue eyes :)

Gorgeous view from our campsite

More dirt...but still cute

"The Forest" as Bethanie calls it

Bryan and Bethanie posing by "Wife #2"

Playing Cornhole...she's got an amazing arm!

Bryan's turn

Glen (Bryan's Dad) taking his turn

Bethanie dancing with Great Aunt Joan (Bryan's Aunt)


Beautiful butterfly

More Cornhole

Worn out and laying on the hammock

Joan's turn

Time for shooting!

Bethanie's first time shooting a gun...looks like a huge gun, but it's just a .22

She's a pro

I think Daddy is THRILLED that his little princess is liking the guns ;)

One of his favorite hobbies

More shooting

About 5.5 months pregnant with baby #2...hope the baby doesn't mind the noise ;)

Just wanted a picture with this one...too scary to shoot :)

Glen giving his sister a lecture on how his gun works

I was not afraid...piece of cake!

One shot!

Andy teaching his step-daughter Gabby how to shoot

Andy and his other step-daughter Elisa. She was a pro

Andy playing with the big guns

Target practice

I need more practice with this one, that's for sure

Vanessa, Andy's wife shooting for the first time.

Look at his face! Classic!