Eternal Marriage


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Best Friends...

Bethanie and Trooper love playing together...sometimes he gets a little close like in the first picture...but she doesn't mind. He makes her giggle even when she is cranky. It's fun watching them friends! So cute!! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6 Month Stats

Here are Bethanie's 6 month stats. We just went to the doc today and she had 5 more shots. I HATE THAT! Anyway...she was a champ and scored an A+.

Height: 27 1/4 inches (95%)
Weight: 16 pounds 14 ounces (75%)

Bethanie is becoming more and more fun and cuter and cuter as the days go by. I can't believe she's already 6 months and 10 days old. She's growing up so fast. :) She loves spending time rolling around on the floor. I lay down the biggest blanket we have so that she doesn't get carpet burn but it takes her about a second to roll off of it. She rolls so fast and ends up getting stuck up against the walls or under the piano...but she loves it.

The other day she rolled over next to the recliner where I was sitting using the laptop and she reached up and unplugged it because the cord hangs down and she thought it was a toy. She has tried doing that to her Daddy a couple times too. She thinks she's so funny!

She also loves playing with Trooper...he makes her giggle. I think they will be best friends. :)

Bethanie is an eater...she loves to eat. She has had rice cereal, carrots and banana flavored fluffs...she has also sucked on different big people foods like french fries and apple slices. I still don't think she is teething...but she sure chews on EVERYTHING she can get her hands on.
She is not crawling yet but she is getting close I think because she's got the legs down she just needs a little help figuring out the arms because right now she kind of just scoots on her face. :) But she knows how to get to what she wants by rotating herself on her stomach and then rolling towards it. She's so smart!!
She can also sit up on her own now...she is still a little wobbly but she can do it when she wants to.
At the doctor's office today the nurse told me to have her sit up on the scale instead of lay down...I warned the nurse that she was still wobbly and she told me to sit her up anyway...well as soon as the nurse let go of her to get the weight she toppled over and hit her head on the metal scale...I was very upset to say the least. She's got her first little bump on her head...but she didn't cry which I was very glad about.
Hmm...what else can she do? She's started using the letter "B"...she does not say bababa but she definitely uses the "B" while she is blabbing instead of just oooing and awing. :)

I LOVE MY LITTLE PRINCESS and am so blessed to have her in my life!! :) I don't know what I would do without her!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

HOT TUB...or to us a SWIMMING POOL ;)

Here is our most recent project...there are ALWAYS projects going on with Bryan around. He just can't hold still :) Anyway...we got a GREAT deal on a hot tub from some neighbors of ours and so we just had to take it. It's a work in progress but we are super excited. Since we got the hot tub we had to find a place to put it in our backyard. We thought about putting it in the grass, but then Bryan had a great idea to lave pave stones where we had rock that has been the project the past few weeks. The first week my dad and brother came over to help prepare the ground. Then Bryan's dad came and helped lay the pave stones. This took quite a while. It looks much easier than it was.
Then, of course the HEAVY hot tub had to be moved from our neighbor's house to our house. They live down the street so Bryan decided it would be a waste to put it in the truck. So, he put it up on it's side and screwed "skates" onto it. He put wheels on it and him, his dad and 2 other neighbors wheeled it from the neighbor's house to our house. The hard part was moving it through the rocks. So, they rolled it on plywood and once they'd reach the end of one piece of wood, they would have to pick one up and move it to the front. It was a great idea and worked perfectly. My husband's a genius :)
So, we had the stones laid and the hot tub in our backyard...but still had to put the electrical in. Bryan and I ran the wires through the attic from the front of the house to the back and then Bryan's dad came down and helped to get it all installed. This was a day long got done last night and then we turned it on and it WORKED!! :)
The hot tub is a work in progress...we are going to put new side paneling on it and the jets need to be replaced but it works just fine to relax in for the time being. :) We filled it up and relaxed in it last night. Bethanie LOVES swimming and just talked and talked and smiled the entire time. It was great! It will be nice to have a place to cool off with Bethanie all summer and then of course we will use the heat once winter hits...but we've still got a WHILE before that happens. :)

Enjoy the pictures of the project and final outcome with our happy little baby.

Monday, May 10, 2010


CARROTS!!!! MMMMMMMM!!!!!!! Well, looks like Bethanie loves carrots more than the rice cereal! She's much happier eating the carrots than the cereal. :) She's so fun! The 1st picture is her licking her lips...that's how good they were. Real food is such a mess, but so much fun. She's even got carrots on her nose. :) Enjoy the pics...she's such a hoot ;)

More Bethanie of course :)

Bethanie and Trooper get along really well. Bethanie giggles whenever Trooper is around...especially when he tries to lick her face (even though I don't approve). Last night they had fun playing together...he kept scooting her toys closer to her. He sure loves her and he really wishes her toys were his. :)

Bethanie has just started sitting up on her own...she is still a little tipsy but she sure is proud when she does sit up alone. She's so dang cute!!

Last picture...a GREAT end to my 1st Mother's Day. Bethanie was so exhausted from playing that she just curled up and fell asleep on my chest. She hasn't done that in a while so it was wonderful just to cuddle with my baby. I love being a Mommy and I LOVE my little Princess. :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

1st Rice Cereal Feeding :)

I fed Bethanie rice cereal for the first time today...she's such an easy baby. She loves the taste of everything...she even takes medicine really well. We got lucky with her! :) She loved eating from a spoon and must have loved the taste because she just ate and ate. Enjoy the pics! I just love her!!!!!