Eternal Marriage


Monday, March 28, 2011

Bethanie, Multi-tasking Mama

I bought Bethanie a stroller for her baby on Saturday and after I put it together we got out her Twin dolls. I put one in the stroller but she didn't want to leave the other one out so she carried her around in the baby pack. Haha. She had so much fun pushing the baby around and she just looks SO cute as a little Mama. :) Love this little girl!! She would even lift up the umbrella thing on the stroller to lean in and kiss her baby. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

16 Months

Bethanie sure is growing up fast! We went to the doctor yesterday because she hadn't been feeling well and found out she had Roseola...but she's doing much better today.
At the doc of course I asked them to weigh her and measure her height because I know she's grown but didn't know how much.

Height: 33 1/4 inches - ABOVE 95%
Weight: 28 pounds - Between 90-95%

She still seems so small to us but I'm sure if we compared her to the babies her age, we'd be shocked :)

Bethanie is so much fun and such a social butterfly lately. Her favorite word is "HI." She says "Hi" and waves to everyone and everything around her...if she hears someone on TV say "Hi" she will say it right back. She says it to cars driving by, bike riders, dogs, dolls, EVERYONE. She said "Hi" to one of the nurses at the doctor's office yesterday and was shocked when everyone in the office said "Hi" back. Haha. She's so funny!

We sure are enjoying her the older she gets...but we could definitely do without the tantrums she's started...and she still doesn't sleep through the night, so that gets old too...but it's hard to stay upset with her because she's so dang cute!

"Are you taking a picture of me?"

So proud

So talented...loved pounding on the keys

Such a happy baby! :)

Concentrating on the beautiful music she's playing

"What song should I play?"

"Dog!" She just stared at the dog and "bab-ees" in the picture

"Are you watching me play?"


She was just having a great time

Doesn't even have to look at the keys...that's how good she is.


Not sure what she's doing here but it's hilarious!

Such expressive eyes

She looks a little crazy here ;)

Looks like she's taking a picture of herself

Her new "Cheese" smile...hilarious!

So gorgeous!!

Laughing because she was coming towards me trying to get the camera and I was backing away

"Why so serious?" ;)