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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1st Day of Preschool!

Yep, it's true...Bethanie has started Preschool. She could not start until she turned two, so today was her first day. Her school is called Bright Minds Preschool and there are 7 kids in her class. Her teacher's name is Ms. Joanne and she's very sweet and energetic (I guess you'd have to be to take care of 7 two year olds). I was very nervous this morning when getting ready to take Bethanie to her first day because she was really clingy all morning...but as soon as we walked in the door she was so excited. She loved her backpack and loved the atmosphere there. We went into her classroom and she went right over and sat down at the little table and started playing with the play dough...she was so excited that she didn't even see me leave. She had such a great day. The teacher said she is a doll and a joy to have in the class. :) So proud of my little preschooler! :)

New Tricycle :)

Bethanie got a new tricycle for her birthday. When she goes to the park, all of the kids there ride scooters and bikes and she just stands back and watches in awe, so we decided that she needed something to keep up with the big kids. She got SO excited when she opened up the box and saw a bike in the picture. She was so eager to ride it and waited patiently while Daddy put it together. She got on and wanted to just ride away...but she does not quite get the pedaling concept yet. But, she's working on it. :) She loves her bike so much that she even sits on it to watch TV in her room. 

I was trying to teach her how to pedal and would tell her "Just push your feet." She then leaned over and pushed on her feet with her hands. Haha. Kids take things so literally. :) Love that kid!! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bethanie's Birthday Party

Well, Bethanie is now TWO! Holy moley! Where have the past 2 years gone? We had planned to take her to Out of Africa Wildlife Park but then we found out it was going to rain, so we moved the party to my parents house. We BBQ'd and just hung out. It was lots of fun. Bethanie would not eat her hot dog, but found a lemon and ate that instead...yes, that is weird! LOL! She enjoyed her party and got spoiled like usual. :) She was not thrilled with the Happy Birthday song...she sat there with a very serious face, but was fine once the song was over. :) So blessed to have this adorable 2 year old in our lives! :) Enjoy the pictures.

Halloween 2011

Bethanie had so much fun this Halloween. She got to dress up like Minnie Mouse and got to knock on doors to get candy. She had a great time and has already mastered the "Full Hand Grab." She was the cutest Minnie Mouse I've ever seen :) Enjoy the pictures 

This is Bethanie's "Cheese" smile...a little scary ;)

To get her to give me a normal smile I told her to say hi...much better :) 

Isn't she the cutest Minnie Mouse you've ever seen?

Just showing off our yard decorations...but she wanted to follow Daddy.

Such a serious look because our neighbor's dad was standing there and she's not so sure of him. LOL

Bethanie and Callie (one of her friends)

Bethanie checking out Thomas "Mas"...she wasn't scared :)

Practicing the "Full Hand Grab"...Good Girl! ;)

Waiting patiently for her turn to get some more candy

Bethanie and happy :)

Just posing for the camera 

 She's telling me that she wants to go to the Park. She LOVES the park and no longer cared about the candy.

Cutest little mouse in the world! 

Guess her basket got a little heavy...her arm was all red ;)

And we can't forget about Trooper...he was the cutest little pumpkin :)