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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Tricycle :)

Bethanie got a new tricycle for her birthday. When she goes to the park, all of the kids there ride scooters and bikes and she just stands back and watches in awe, so we decided that she needed something to keep up with the big kids. She got SO excited when she opened up the box and saw a bike in the picture. She was so eager to ride it and waited patiently while Daddy put it together. She got on and wanted to just ride away...but she does not quite get the pedaling concept yet. But, she's working on it. :) She loves her bike so much that she even sits on it to watch TV in her room. 

I was trying to teach her how to pedal and would tell her "Just push your feet." She then leaned over and pushed on her feet with her hands. Haha. Kids take things so literally. :) Love that kid!! 

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