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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1st Day of Preschool!

Yep, it's true...Bethanie has started Preschool. She could not start until she turned two, so today was her first day. Her school is called Bright Minds Preschool and there are 7 kids in her class. Her teacher's name is Ms. Joanne and she's very sweet and energetic (I guess you'd have to be to take care of 7 two year olds). I was very nervous this morning when getting ready to take Bethanie to her first day because she was really clingy all morning...but as soon as we walked in the door she was so excited. She loved her backpack and loved the atmosphere there. We went into her classroom and she went right over and sat down at the little table and started playing with the play dough...she was so excited that she didn't even see me leave. She had such a great day. The teacher said she is a doll and a joy to have in the class. :) So proud of my little preschooler! :)

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