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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where's Your...?

Ear...she points to it
Mouth...sticks out her tongue and makes a noise
Belly Button...lifts up her shirt (can't see it, but she does)


13 Months

Bethanie is now 13 1/2 months and is becoming more and more fun everyday. Just thought I'd share a few fun things that she does that shows her little personality.

*RARR ~ I taught Bethanie that a bear says Rarr by showing her one of her stuffed now she thinks that every animal should say Rarr. She growls at everything but keeps her little lips closed so it sounds more like Brrr...but it's ADORABLE!

*RANDOM DANCING ~ Bethanie LOVES to dance...whether there is music or not. She just breaks out into random dancing...she adds new moves everyday. She swings her hips back and forth and there is even a little move that she does with her right arm...she brings it up and down like a chicken. It looks like she's doing the chicken dance. So fun!

*WHERE'S YOUR... ~ I have been teaching Bethanie her body parts and she can now show me where her ears, belly button and mouth are. When you ask "Where's your mouth?" She sticks her tongue out and makes a noise. When you ask about her belly button she lifts her shirt up. So smart!!

*SLEEP ~ Starting on December 11th, Bethanie finally started sleeping through the night!!! HALLELUJAH!! :)

*FOLDING ARMS ~ Just yesterday Bethanie started folding her arms and rolling them round and round...when she puts her arms into the folded position she does it with such pazzazz and it looks like it could be one of her new dance moves

*TALKING ~ She LOVES to talk...she walks around talking and talking non-stop all the time. Some of the things that we've heard her "say" are "here you go" and "baby"...there are other things that she says too but I put "say" in quotations because sometimes it is clearer than others but sometimes we might just make it up. Haha.

*BATH TIME ~ Bethanie LOVES her baths. Lately she plays this game where she will stand up and when I tell her to sit down she will squat until her bum hits the water and will wait until I look away and she will pop back up and giggle. Such a trickster!

*PHONE ~ This is my favorite one...she has started talking on the phone...her "HAND PHONE." Whenever she hears someone say hi or hello she will put her hand up to her ear and say "Hello?!" She now talks on just about anything she can get her hands on and if she doesn't have anything in her hand...she just uses her hand. :) SO FUN!!


"Can you hear me now??"

"Yep, you can see them...I now have 8 teeth!!"

"Sorry Mom, I can't look at the camera, I'm on the phone."

" those growling frogs."



Just wanted to share some family pictures that we took...our family is growing and growing! :)