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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ear Infection

Well, Bethanie was just diagnosed with her first ear infection...UGH! She's been super cranky lately and everyone said, "Oh she must be teething" Well, today I figured it was an ear infection. I was trying to breastfeed Bethanie on one side and she would not eat, she just screamed and I sat her up and she was ok...tried the other side and she was fine. I thought maybe it was just at her next feeding I tried that side again and the same thing happened, so I called the doctor right away (the just opened a pediatrician office in Maricopa...finally!) and made an appointment...we went in and sure enough she's got an ear infection. :( Makes me sad...I hate not being able to do anything for her. At least we know what it is now. :(

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  1. So sad! Monica had a really high fever and a runny nose a couple weeks ago. I thought it was an ear infection but it turned out not be. Thank goodness! It is the saddest thing when babies are sick! I hope Bethanie feels better soon! :)