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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Well, we decided to go camping for the 4th of July weekend. We have never been camping with a baby before...and probably never will again. ;) We went to Aspen Campground just outside of Alpine, AZ. It was beautiful there and the weather was wonderful. It was rough because Bethanie wanted attention all the time so Bryan had to set up camp pretty much on his own. Bethanie did ok when we were holding her or when she was not tired...but she would NOT nap at all and Thursday night was the worst night I've ever had with her. She would not sleep...and when she would wake up she would scream bloody murder. It was rough...Bryan and I had a really hard night. She ended up sleeping next to me on the air mattress which was rough because Bryan and I barely had enough room as it was.
The pictures below are of our HAPPY camper...but honestly she did not like camping at all.
So, Friday night she was fussy again and would not go down to sleep so Bryan (the amazing man that he is) offered to take us to a motel. It was too late to pack everything up and all go, so Bryan took Bethanie and I to a little lodge in Alpine so that we could have a better night. He stayed at the campground because all of our stuff was there and the Jeep was there so we did not feel comfortable leaving everything there without us. We missed Bryan so much sleeping in a different place than him...but Bethanie was a little happier being inside and had an ok night.
The next morning as I was watching out the window for Bryan I noticed that the street was being blocked off by the police and there was a parade going Bethanie and I got to go to a parade. Bethanie got a 4th of July rubber ducky thrown to her by one of the little old ladies on one of the fire trucks. It was fun but sad not having Bryan there with us.
Once Bryan got to the lodge he showered and we headed for home. The rest of the weekend we were all exhausted but it was nice to just spend time together as a family.
I am so blessed to have Bryan and Bethanie in my life...I LOVE THEM SO VERY MUCH!!!

Enjoy the pictures...the top one is by far my favorite!! :) LOVE THOSE TWO!!!!!

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