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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trouble ;)

Bethanie is growing up so fast. She's now 18 pounds 8 ounces...getting so big...but SO MUCH FUN!

We went to Olive Garden the other night and the crazy waitress put a salad plate down in front of Bethanie (not sure why)...Bethanie grabbed that plate so fast and just started chomping! Who needs salad when you've got a nice chilled glass plate to chomp on? Not her! ;)

Bethanie can now pull herself up to a sitting and kneeling position. We always used to leave the side of her crib down so that we could reach in nice and easy but that has now changed...I go into her room and there is her little head peaking up over the side bumpers in the we have to keep her trapped in there. :) Here are some pictures of her after she pulled herself up to a kneeling position...she was trying to get up to Trooper who is asleep up on the couch (his usual position).

Another milestone...she crawled a couple feet today. The past few days she's been getting up on her hands and knees and trying real hard to figure out how to move around like that. Usually she just falls down and just resorts back to her army crawl...but today she moved a couple feet before falling. She's getting SO CLOSE to the real crawl! We will see how long it takes her to make that her way of transportation. :) Or maybe she will just stick with the army crawl...we will see.

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