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Friday, November 6, 2009

Another update

Man, working with these doctors is a joke! Today might be the day...after the doctor's appointment yesterday they called us back and had us come back to the doctor's office and wanted me to do some more blood and urine tests and another ultrasound...which was confusing because the last tests came back perfectly fine. ANYWAY...since all of these doctors keep giving us different answers we were obviously pretty upset. Bryan went off on the doctor and I started crying...and after all of the tension and frustration was out, the doctor decided that she'd send us in to be induced. (Seems like we've been there before...) Well, so we got excited AGAIN and came home and made sure everything was packed and just as we were about to get in the car we get a call from the doctor. She says that even with all the strings she pulled there is a good chance that triage might still send us we gave up and said forget it. We stayed home. WELL...this morning I get up real early to make Bryan breakfast before he went to work and before I crawled back into bed I checked my phone. There was a voicemail from the hospital saying that they were calling to schedule my induction. WHAT?!? So I call them back and they say that my induction was scheduled for 7:30 this morning but they just got really busy so they will call me back when a room opens up. So, I asked them if this was a REAL thing and made sure that if we do go to the hospital when they call us that they will NOT send us home. They said, since I'm on the schedule, it will actually happen. we wait once again for a phone probably won't happen until tonight, but let's hope that it actually happens this time because I don't think I can handle another false alarm. Sigh...this is going to be a long day!

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