Eternal Marriage


Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'd rather be...

I'd rather be somewhere about Alaska?!? Sounds good to me!! I'm not, I'm sore and just plain uncomfortable...time for a nice cool vacation.'s too bad we have used up our vacation time and don't get anymore til September. If I had known I was going to be preggo and HOT, we would have been more careful with our vacation time so that we could escape to somewhere cool...but that was obviously not known. So, now I can just look at pictures and WISH I was there. ;) Haha


  1. Tush, you should get a misting fan and keep it going ALL DAY LONG! Or just go to a local restaurant and see if they'll let you sit in their walk-in freezer. I'm not really feeling your pain, since I'm in Idaho. Oh, and I guess I'm not preggo either. Jealous? Ha ha

  2. Sorry you are so hot and uncomfortable! Being preggo in the summer in Arizona isn't fun! Try to stay cool!