Eternal Marriage


Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Story

Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Thatcher, there lived two "friends" named Bryan and Tiffanie. Tiffanie lived in a little shack called the Pirate's Booty and Bryan lived in a place called College Park. Bryan hung out with the guys next door to Tiffanie and would sometimes come to visit the girls in the Pirate's Booty. From the first day he laid his eyes on Tiffanie he was smitten. He would not admit it, but he definitely had a crush on her. She knew it and so did everyone else. They would hang out occasionally and then their days in Thatcher were coming to an end because summer was approaching. They exchanged numbers and found out that their summer homes were only minutes apart.
The summer began and Bryan gathered up the courage to ask Tiffanie out on a date. Their first date was to little restaurant called In-N-Out Burger. That night Bryan learned to open Tiffanie's door wherever they went. The rest of the summer consisted of Bryan coming to Tiffanie's house everyday and them becoming closer and closer. One night as they were watching a movie in the Rector's den, they together made the first move to a romantic first kiss. Bryan and Tiffanie's relationship grew complicated and they would go from being "just friends" to being in a relationship back to being "just friends." Tiffanie broke Bryan's heart a couple times, but he just could not let her go.
The end of the summer approached and these two confused individuals became closer yet again. They would be heading back to the same small town where they first met to continue on with their education so they decided to give their relationship another shot. The day they moved back to Thatcher these two love birds grew closer and closer and were once again spending everyday together. Their friends soon grew tired of coming second on their list but this did not pull Bryan and Tiffanie apart. They were inseparable.
One beautiful October day, October 21, 2006 to be exact, Bryan invited Tiffanie to go to a ring maker with him. Tiffanie gladly accepted and they headed off on a drive that seemed longer than any other drive. They reached a place called Yourk's Jewelry Designs and they were welcomed in by Judi and John, the owners. They sat down at a table and Tiffanie was handed a jewelry catalog. She started glancing through and found a beautiful ring set. It was stunning and she showed Bryan and told him how beautiful it was. Judi then chimed in and said that she had the perfect ring for me if I liked the one in the catalog. She pulled out a ring set, handed it to Tiffanie and told her to look at it. Tiffanie tried the rings on...perfect fit. Bryan then said to Tiffanie, "I think there was something inside the ring." Tiffanie took the rings off, looked inside and inside one ring it said, "Will you marry me?" Tiffanie giggled and of course said yes. Bryan was extremely grateful that his brilliant, romantic plan had worked. They were engaged, and it was perfect.
Wedding plans started and both mothers were thrilled to help. There was a date to plan and colors to choose. There were invitations to be made and people to invite. There were clothes to be picked out, a dress to be made and the plans just continued on and on. The colors were the easiest decision, Bryan's favorite color and Tiffanie's too. Green and Purple it would be. Good thing they looked great together. The plans went on and on, stress of school and planning grew thicker. But all the stress and planning paid off because on February 1, 2007, Bryan and Tiffanie became one.
Bryan and Tiffanie were married at 11:00 am in the Snowflake, AZ Temple. It was beautiful that day and it was a day that will never be forgotten. While they took pictures it started to snow and they were the happiest people in the world. It was the best day of their lives. Friends and family gathered together to join in their happy day.
After the wedding they ran off to Greer to stay in a beautiful inn where they got their car stuck in the snow, were served a romantic, beautiful dinner by a different inn and just spent all of their time side by side falling even more in love. They then packed up and met their families for a reception and had tons of guests to celebrate once again the greatest moment in their life. They received many wonderful gifts and loved every minute of it.
The happiness continued as they went back to Thatcher and lived in a tiny little trailer with things that would break all the time but their love kept their happiness alive. They worked hard and worked together to finish up school and graduated with their associates degrees in May of 2007.
They moved back to Phoenix and a month later, in June found an amazing house in Maricopa, AZ where they preside today. They continued to love each other and become closer as their lives got busier and they both started working and going to school full time for a huge organization called University of Phoenix. In January of 2008, Bryan and Tiffanie decided that they would love to get an addition to their small family, so they got a dog named Trooper. He loves to cause trouble but when you look at that adorable face, how could you ever hate him? Time goes on and their love and happiness just keeps growing.
This happy couple has gone through some rough times but they stick together and make it through.

In February or March of 2009, Tiffanie approached Bryan with some exciting, yet scary news...She was pregnant again. This time everything would work out they both prayed. It is now June 19, 2009 and everything is going fantastic. Tiffanie and Bryan are enjoying their doctor's appointments and getting as many ultrasounds as the doctors will allow. On Tuesday, June 2nd these two lovebirds found out that they would be bringing a little GIRL into their family in November 2009.
Their lives continue on and great blessings are in store. Stick around...To Be Continued. :)


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  2. cute story! I like how he proposed, it's really sweet! And it was on my birthday :) I sure do miss being neighbors in those "cozy" trailers... not enough to move back though. We are so happy that this pregnancy is going so well. I sure wish I had your doctor though, one that will let you get so many ultrasounds (and a 3D one). Glad you are joining the blogging world, just let me know if you need any help with anything, blogging or otherwise.

  3. You're a beautiful couple! Good Luck with Bethanie. Bryan thank you for all your help with school.

    Lisa Clemente