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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bryan's #2

Yes, it's true...Bryan has found a 2nd lover. ;) Bryan bought this '98 Jeep from a coworker of mine a few months ago and has really fallen in love. If he's not with me, he's with his Jeep. He's fixed it all up, cleaned it up and continues to WANT to do more to it. :)
Bryan is in a virtual jeep club and has met a bunch of other people with jeeps as well. They go out on the weekends every once in a while to different places to go 4-wheeling or "Jeeping" as I call it. Bryan has been having a lot of fun going out and enjoying the HOT outdoors with his Jeep.
I hope he has told the Jeep that in November when Bethanie Lynn arrives, the Jeep will have to become #3...sorry!
Here are some pictures of his new toy being stretched out.

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