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Friday, September 24, 2010

Teeth and Steps!

Well, yesterday was a big day for our little Miss Bethanie! Her 1st tooth FINALLY poked through the gums. Although the doctor told us it was impossible for her to get any teeth besides the bottom 2 first we proved him wrong! Her right vampire tooth is the 1st tooth to poke through. Her left vampire tooth is going to be second I am sure because it's getting close. Still no evidence of the bottom 2. In your face stupid doctor! Haha! :) I believe Bethanie has joined Team Edward and is becoming a vampire. EEK!

Another amazing thing that happened yesterday...Bethanie took her first independent steps! She was standing up next to our side table in the living room trying to get the remote and my cell phone off of I decided I would take them and hold them up for her to get them instead...she got so excited, she forgot that she wasn't holding onto the table anymore and walked 3 steps towards me to get the phone!! I was so excited!!! Well Bryan of course was jealous that he missed out so later on we tried it again and she walked another 2 steps. She is definitely not confident with walking but we are well on our way! :) So exciting!! I am hoping she will be walking confidently by her birthday!!

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