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Monday, August 9, 2010

9 Months! WOW!

Bethanie is now 9 months old! Where has the time gone? She is so active and gets into EVERYTHING! She is SO close to walking...she can stand up on her own for a few seconds and then when she realizes she's not holding onto anything she panics and sits back down. She's so much fun. She's got a great personality and loves Trooper. Time flies!
She still doesn't have any teeth and still doesn't sleep through the night...but it's ok, I love her anyway! :) I can feel a "vampire tooth" coming in on the top but nothing has pushed through yet. Hopefully soon though :)

We love our beautiful 9 month old! She's our pride and joy! She is very well behaved and we get comments all the time when we are out about how quiet and content she is. She's amazing! She can be a little trouble maker though...if she's crawling towards something she's not supposed to get into like Trooper's food or into a room she's not allowed in...if you say her name, she will look back and then start crawling even faster! She KNOWS! ;) She's so fun!

Enjoy the pics! :)

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