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Friday, October 30, 2009

Back and Forth...ugh

Well, bed rest is driving me crazy, but having to go back and forth to the hospital all the time is even worse. We spent last weekend in the hospital because of my mild preeclampsia, and then they sent me home on bed rest because things were looking better and they said bed rest would keep things under control. They had us go back to the hospital on Monday afternoon for another ultrasound, blood work and more monitoring and sent us home again. Then they had us go to the doctor on Tuesday (not the one in Maricopa, one that was a 30 minute drive) and they checked me over and sent me home once again. Then we had Wednesday as a normal day and then yesterday went back to the hospital (which is a 30 minute drive each way I might add)...everything is still looking good apparently except for the fact that they found more protein in my they sent me home AGAIN to do yet another 24 hour urine test...have to collect my urine for 24 hours and then go BACK to the hospital again today to take that in and to be monitored again. All of these tests and traveling back and forth to the hospital is really starting to wear on me and Bryan. We are at the end of our rope. It is definitely getting frustrating. So, pray with us when we pray that they will keep us there when we go today and that they will induce us. I am SO ready! If they send me home one more time I'm just going to stay home and deliver at home because I don't think I can handle going back there again without being able to bring home my baby in my arms. As we sat there yesterday in the waiting room I saw 3 new moms taking their babies home...I JUST WANT MY BETHANIE OUT!!!!! So, keep us in your prayers and hope that we will get what we want today.

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